EXTEND provides recreational movement to music for men and women over-sixty and for less able people of all ages. Our mission is to promote health,  increase mobility and independence, improve strength, co-ordination and balance and to counteract loneliness and isolation, thereby



enhancing the Quality of Life


Fitness for the over 60's breaks out on Wednesday mornings at The Bridgemere Centre from 9.30 am & the again at St Anthony's Centre at 1.30 pm on Friday


A group of about 20 meet to keep their joints supple, have some fun and do some gentle exercise under expert supervision.


For more information please look at the Extend web site :  www.extend.org.uk


Extend at the Bridgemere Centre is run by Jenny West.

Extend at the St Anthony's Centre is run by Sandria Reese.


You would be very welcome at either group.